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The contractors at AIMS General Contracting Company understand the importance of adhering to the highest quality standards in every project we take on. Since our founding in 2003, our expertise and careful craftsmanship has allowed us to provide long-lasting solutions for dozens of clients. With cognizance to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standard, AIMS assure quality of service by effectively implementing our Quality Manual and establishing quality control in all facets of projects. Browse the site now to learn more.

Construction Workers

Health and Safety

AIMS commit to providing a healthy and safe work environment for all our employees and everyone else affected by our activities. To that end, our global health and safety vision and policy reflect a proactive risk and behavior-based approach that integrates health, safety, and wellbeing into our culture, values, and the way we do business. "For us, safety is not a slogan; it is a value ingrained in our corporate culture and an integral part of our business as well." 

We strive to align our business practices and principles through the projects we deliver to our clients. The safety of our people and the communities in which we operate always comes first. We believe that our long-term success as a business is dependent upon the ability to keep our workforce and members of the public safe. Our philosophy is to maintain our 'Zero Accident' environment continually. Accordingly, we enforce stringent health and safety procedures throughout our operations in the belief that all incidents can be avoided by implementing robust risk elimination protocols.

Construction Workers at Sunset

Environment Sustainability

Global warming, as well as other environmental threats to our existence has led to a more proactive approach to preserving the environment. AIMS understand the impacts of our activities on the environment can be positive with the right approach.
With cognizance to the regulations of Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center – Tadweer and the requirements of ISO 14001:2015, Environmental management system standard, AIMS stresses and communicates the importance of environment protection and awareness to all of its stakeholders, internally and externally. The basis for proper waste management and the need for the use of reusable and recyclable materials in our office and all project sites is established and effectively implemented across all projects.

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